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Monumark™ Flagpoles | 50' to 250'

Draw Attention!
We manufacture 50′ to 250′ Monumark™ Flagpoles. They are seen from miles away and furthermore they make a BIG statement. The high visibility a Mounmark™ Flagpole offers can bring new business and stir up lots of excitement with the possibility of some publicity. As a result they are elegant, cost effective alternatives to expensive signs. Monumark™ flagpoles are only manufactured as internal cable systems which reduces the chance of broken halyards and untimely repairs. Our steel flagpoles are built with ASTM A500 Structural Steel which conforms to NAAM FP-1001-97. We fabricate each Monumark™ Flagpole section with industrial ASTM-500 Grade B fittings and plates. We do all fabrication at our shop in Dallas with our in-house welders and fitters to ensure that every Monumark™ Flagpole is manufactured in accordance with our enigneering specifications and can be quality inspected before leaving our facility. You have the option of having a traditional hand crank winch or an electric drive winch system. We use a cast aluminum ball truck for all Monumark™ applications with height based braided stainless steel cable assemblies. All cable assembly fittings are stainless steel and also includes 8 Retainer Rings made with 1” nylon roller balls. Monumark™ door frames are fabricated using A500 bar stock for maximum strength sealed with a smooth fit door mated to the door frame with tamper-resistant security screws to deter vandalism, removal of just one screw with the security bit allows for quick and easy access. Winch plates are pre tapped for easy maintenance and a smooth installation. Flagpoles come shop primered and ready to field paint with marine grade industrial epoxy. Reduced prevailing sections give our flagpoles an elegant seamless appearance with a sturdy feel. Site specific flagpole and foundation engineering available upon request. We install flagpoles in US, Mexico and Canada. Contact us for a quote or Dealer requests. 877-801-3524.

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