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Flag Care Instructions

Flag Systems Flag Care Instructions

  • When flying your flag outdoors, only use flags made specifically for outdoor use. 
  • For maximum use, do not expose your flag to harsh weather often. Please take down your flag before exposure to any rain, snow, high winds or any other inclement weather pattern the may cause the flag to become wet or iced. If your flag does bet wet take it down and allow it do dry completely on a flat surface. The flag colors will bleed into each other if you roll or fold it when it is damp.
  • To ensure the colors of your flag last, regular cleaning is necessary. Any flag can be hand washed with cold water and mild soap. Flags must be spread out and air dried. Lay on a flat surface or hang dry. The most efficient flag cleaning method is a dry cleaner or professional flag cleaning service.

Machine Wash Instructions: If you machine wash your flag, make sure you are using cold water, mild detergent, and remove from washer immediately after wash cycle is complete. Do Not Machine Dry!

  1. If pre-treating, use a stain remover that does not contain bleach. Rub the remover into the stain and allow it to soak for 5 minutes.
  2. Place flag into washing machine and set machine to a gentle cycle or delicate with COLD water. Warm or Hot water will cause the colors to bleed.
  3. Add a mild detergent after the machine fills with water. Close the lid, and allow the cycle to complete. Do not allow the flag to stand in stagnant water.
  4. Immediately remove from washing machine, and lay out flat. You can lay your flag out on a towel or hang dry. Do not machine dry your nylon flag, dryers can melt the materials.
  • Do not place your flag where it will touch any other object while flying. (tree, building, power lines, etc.) The smallest tear will very soon become a large hole. Be sure to allow your flag to fly freely.
  • Inspect your flag regularly. The best way to help your flag last the longest is very simple, keep an eye on it! if you notice any loose strings or tears in the “fly end”, (the end furthest from the pole) remove your flag immediately and either replace with a new flag, or repair flag end and continue to fly. Flag repairs can help your flag last up to 3X longer! We repair flags of all sizes.


How long will your flag last? Each flag is different, however if care instructions are followed, your Flag Systems Flag can last much longer the government expectations of 90 days. Most of our flags will out-last that standard even when care instructions are not followed. However, the standard changes for flags 15’X25′ or larger. Larger flags are a more significant investment and can save large amounts of money annually if proper Flag Care is practiced. It is very beneficial to always have a spare flag in case flag repairs are needed, so you will not have a bare pole. If you have any questions, or need some advice please do not hesitate to give us a call. 972-607-0958

We also offer Annual Flag Accounts, this allows you the peace of mind knowing that your flag is taken care of year round and all you have to do is enjoy the beauty. For more information please fill out the form below or contact our office directly. 972-607-0958

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