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Nationwide Flagpole Services

We offer multiple flagpole services. If your flagpole is broke, we can repair it! When your flagpole is leaning, we can re-level it! Did your flagpole get hit and fall? We can replace the pole or re-install it (conditions apply)! Sometimes trees suddenly start inhibiting the display of your flags, we can relocate your flagpoles! If your flagpole is in the middle of the roof on a 50-story building, we can climb it! There is no flagpole service we cannot provide to you that will fix your problem in a cost effective and time sensitive manner.

  • Flagpole Installation is an endeavor that most people do not want to take on. We have you covered! We are the flagpole installation professionals of Texas! Our flagpole installation professionals are thoroughly trained to install flagpoles in an efficient and safe manner. To inquire about our flagpole installation in DFW area, Texas or any other State in the US call us at 877-801-3524. All flagpole installations come with a standard 1 yr warranty, limited lifetime flagpole shaft warranty when you purchase and have us install your flagpoles.
  • Flagpole Repair is one of many professional flagpole services that we offer. We repair flagpoles all over Texas, no matter who manufactured the flagpole we have the correct flagpole hardware to get it functioning properly again! Raising your flags should be something you look forward to not dreading. You can rest assured knowing that when you have our team of flagpole experts repair your pole it will be done correctly. All flagpole repairs come with a limited warranty.
  • Flagpole Relocation is a common flagpole service that we offer. Frequently flagpoles are needing to be moved due to renovations. In some cases, a new addition blocks the flag display, so they need to be relocated. No matter what the reason is we can relocate your flagpoles up to 50′. It is more cost effective to purchase a new flagpole and have us install it vs. relocating any flagpole 60′ or larger.
  • Flagpole Removal is a service that we can help you with. Although we hate to see a flagpole be taken down, we realize that it is necessary at times. We will remove the flagpole and the foundation for you, dispose of the old flagpole and foundation and restore the ground to its original order. If you think you need to remove a flagpole but are not sure, call us. We offer free onsite flagpole consultations in the DFW area.
  • Service Warranty’s come standard with flagpole installations and large flagpole repairs. We offer a standard 1-year warranty on flagpole installations, 6 month warranty on flagpole repairs and parts, and 30 day warranty on flag hanging services Lifetime flagpole shaft warranty is available when you purchase your flagpole through us and also have it installed by us.

We offer FREE onsite flagpole evaluations in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas, East Texas, North Texas, Central Texas, El Paso Texas, Southeast New Mexico, Columbus OH, Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, Northern Kentucky, and Nashville TN. Call our office today 877-801-FLAG (3524)

Our Services:

  • Flagpole Installation – Nationwide Flagpole Installation
  • Nationwide Flagpole Repair – Flagpole Repair
  • Wall Mount Flagpole Installation – Nationwide Wall Pole Installation
  • Light Pole painting – DFW Light Pole Service
  • Flagpole Relocation – Nationwide Flagpole Relocation
  • Camera Pole Installation – Camera Pole Sales
  • Flagpole Re-surfacing/Renovation/ Flagpole Re-leveling-Nationwide Service
  • Light Pole/Parking Lot Pole Bulb Replacement – DFW Parking Lot Bulb Replacement
  • Bollard Installation – DFW Bollard Installation
  • Antenna Pole Installation – Nationwide Antenna Pole Installation
  • Communications Pole Installation – Nationwide Communications Pole Installation
  • Sign Installation – DFW Sign Installation
  • Wall Letter Installation – DFW Building Signage Installation

Some of our listed services are only available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston area, El Paso/Las Cruces/Phoenix area and Columbus/Cincinnati/Indianapolis/Cleveland/Detroit/Pittsburgh areas. Our Flagpole services are available Nationwide. We know that it can be hard to find a reliable company that is properly insured and bonded to handle your project which is why we are here and ready to help! We are the Nation’s Flagpole Professionals and the fastest growing Flag & Flagpole Company in Texas so give us a try and see why everyone is using US “for all your flagging needs”!

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Nationwide: 877-801-FLAG(3524)