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Cleat Cover & Halyard Channel | Vandal Deterrent

$150.70 - $491.42$128.10 - $417.71

Security options are based on flagpole diameter:

3″ to 4″

5″ to 6″

7″ to 12″

Halyard Cover is 5′



Cleat cover assemblies, halyard cover assemblies and halyard security kits(combining the cleat and halyard covers) provide tamper resistant security for external halyard flagpoles. The cleat cover and halyard channel have a sanded finish that is complimentary to the flagpole, all are constructed of heavy, cast aluminum with stainless steel hinges. Cleat and stainless steel mounting screws are included, as well as the key for the cylinder lock. Installation utilized the original cleat holes. You can purchase the cleat box and halyard channel together or separately for replacement parts. Please contact customer service for wall mount options and help ordering this product.

Additional information

Secutiry Options by Flagpole Diameter

3" to 4" Cleat Box, 5" to 6" Cleat Box, 7" to 12" Cleat Box, 3" to 4" Halyard Cover, 5" to 6" Halyard Cover, 7" to 12" Halyard Cover, 3" to 4" Security Kit, 5" to 6" Security Kit, 7" to 12" Security Kit


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