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Our main two materials used in the manufacturing process for our outdoor US Flags is Nylon and Polyester. The most frequently question when asked what style is “what is the difference between Nylon and Polyester?” So we have taken a little space to explain the difference in the two flags.

All of our American flags are made in the USA. Both Polyester and Nylon American flags are manufactured to the same standard with wind ratings to 70MPH. They come standard with a heavy duty flag header and grommets in flags up to 6’X10′ and heavy duty D-rings and brass grommets in flags 8’X12′ to 30’X60′. All flags have sewn stripes with a minimum standard quadruple stitched and box sewn re-enforced fly ends. 3’X5′ to 20’X38′ flags have embroidered stars. The 30’X60′ American flag has appliqued stars.

Nylon Outdoor American Flags

Nylon is a stronger and more durable material. Nylon flags take significantly less wind to achieve the full flying effect. The material colors “pop” in the sun and look fabulous on a beautiful day. In high wind areas or during heavy wind seasons Nylon flags tend to frey and tear faster then the areas or seasons where wind is less active and not so heavy. When it comes to rain, Nylon American flags are the best choice because they do not hold water meaning when the wind is whipping and the flag is wet it will not be as heavy nor will it put as much stress on the flagpole and its hardware as it’s Polyester counterpart. Leading to less frequent maintenance. Below you can find our Nylon Outdoor American Flags. We stock all sizes and have them ready to ship. Place your order by 2 p.m. central time and receive same day shipping.

Polyester Outdoor American Flags

Our two ply Polyester is specifically manufactured to endure the most demanding weather conditions and remain in tact and full color. The open weave design on the material makes it the ideal flag should you have one flying during a storm. This flag will also hold up better in high wind areas because it is made to allow the air to flow through the material. Polyester US flags are a bit heavier then the alternative Nylon flags which gives them the ability to last longer in challenging areas. We stock all sizes in Polyester and have them ready to ship. Orders placed before 2 p.m. central time will ship the same day. Flat Rate Shipping!