Memorial Flag Cases

We offer Memorial Cases made of cherry oak, oak, poplar, maple and Plastic. If you are presenting someone with a flag or thanking them for their courage to serve in our Armed Forces or Civil Services then a Flag Memorial Case is the perfect gift. Our Memorial Cases have a flag included and can have a 3'X5' or 5'X9' 1/2".

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Cherry Memorial Case Maple Flag Memorial Case
Cherry Memorial CaseMaple Flag Memorial Case

Our Cherry Memorial cases come with or without the Seal option. The Cherry Memorial cases are only available for flags that are 5'X9' 1/2".

Maple Memorial Cases are made to hold a 5'X9' 1/2" flag. The back closure uses a screw in place of the traditional turn down tabs and has a plexi glass front.



Oak Flag Memorial Case Plastic Flag Memorial Case
Oak Flag Memorial CasePlastic Flag Memorial Case

Oak Flag Memorial Cases are available to support 3'X5' flags or 5'X9' 1/2" flags. All of our Flag Memorial Cases are manufactured in the USA.

Plastic Flag Memorial Cases support a 5'X9' 1/2" flag. To purchase the flag with the case please contact our office directly at 888-501-0632.



Poplar Flag Memorial Case
Poplar Flag Memorial Case

Our Poplar Flag Memorial Cases are made to fit a 5'X9' 1/2" flag. They have a cherry finish with a glass front.