20' White Fiberglass Flagpole | Heritage Series
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This outdoor white fiberglass Heritage Series flagpole is molded in one piece measuring 22' and stands 20' above ground. All fiberglass poles comes with a specially designed, high quality, revolving truck as standard equiptment. This pole has a butt diameter of 4.5", a top diameter of 2.5", a weight of 26.5lbs, a finial diameter of 5", 5/16" halyard and 14"flash collar. *Please contact customer service to learn about other options and shipping information for this flagpole.

The Heritage Series Fiberglass Flagpoles are exclusive to Flag Systems. These flagpoles are fabricated to duplicate the classic Greek Entasis taper design. All poles have ultrahard, gel coat finish that stands up to the harshest of weather conditions. Our sturdy gel coat finish is especially well suited near salt water or in other extreme weather conditions-the Heriatge Series Fiberglass flagpoles will not corrode, pit or rust. Since fiberglass is a non-conductor, no grounding is required making the installation much easier than that of the aluminum flagpole and more cost effective. 

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20' White Fiberglass Flagpole | Heritage Series

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